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The Life Supply
“Easy-Care” Liquid Oxygen Program

A safe, cost effective, reliable oxygen delivery system for facilities.

Facilities that switch from using E & H tank cylinder gas to Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs in combination with Patient Portables for their oxygen delivery system can typically save 20% or more on their annual oxygen costs.

The Benefits of
Liquid Oxygen

Less Space: A standard H Tank holds roughly 300 scf of oxygen gas. A 41 Liter liquid oxygen vessel holds the equivalent of 1,182 scf., more than three and a half times more volume. This frees up valuable square footage in a facilities oxygen room.

Safety: The typical liquid oxygen reservoir holds its contents at 25 PSI while high pressure cylinders reach more than 2000 pounds of pressure when full. Liquid oxygen reservoirs are safer to work with than high pressure tanks and a substantially lower risk from injury from a tank tipping over.

Higher Quality & Medical Benefit: Liquid oxygen is instantly transformed into 99% pure oxygen gas as it is delivered to your patients. Liquid oxygen portable units last longer than cylinders at the same liter flow. They are also lighter and can be carried over the shoulder, hung on the back of a wheelchair or carried in a walker’s basket, which makes it easier for patients to move around—an important health factor for ambulatory patients.

Reliable, Lower Operating Costs: Because liquid oxygen units rely on pressure rather than electricity for their operation, they’re extremely energy efficient. In the event of a power outage, liquid oxygen units will continue to run smoothly and deliver oxygen to your patients.

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